Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mom's Chili

2 pounds of ground beef, fried and drained
1 large jug of V-8 Juice
1 large onion, chopped
1 can of Rotel (my addition)
1 can of beans ( I use Bush's Hot Chili Beans, Mom used light red Kidney Beans)
Chili Powder (to taste, I use at least 1/3 of a bottle)

Put ingredients together in a large pot or a crock-pot, heat and serve.  I saute the onions with the beef if I am doing a quick put together and serve but simply cut them up and put them in the crock-pot if I am cooking the Chili all day.

Comments:  Mom was ahead of her time as she always served this over spaghetti noodles, therefore I do too.  It is also good with Frito's and Cheese, or simply by itself.  This is the easiest and quickest Chili ever made.  The last time I saw my friend Alison in Atlanta she said this continued to be her son's favorite.  It could be your favorite too because it is so quick to the table or will simmer all day in the crock-pot.  Other additions could be celery, green pepper, any kind of bean that you have in the pantry and hot sauce.  Enjoy!

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